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There is a reason for this tragedy and it needs sorting out now. My sincere condolences to his poor wife and family. I agree it is very suspicious but please do not suggest that all Spaniards are negligent as that is very insulting, inflammatory and not very helpful? It sounds to me as though there might have been a problem with the mechanics of the pool filter and somehow these poor souls got sucked under? I have rescued a child in a swimming pool from drowning and was never in any danger myself as the child was limp when I pulled him out of the Weed Cannabis Good Buds Stick Together Shirt water. I understand the father could swim so the theory that none of them could swim is obviously flawed. Evans, have you ever been close to a person who is panic in water? I have and I can tell you that they will grab you around the neck and try to climb up you, and if you can’t swim either, what do you think will happend?

Weed Cannabis Good Buds Stick Together Shirt

Long Sleeved
Long Sleeved

This is tragic but if the pool was compliant with the relevant guidelines and was deemed not to need a lifeguard then that is that. If there was such concern there was no life-guard, why let your child into the pool? If you deemed it safe for your child to go in without a lifeguard then you can’t later complain about the lack of one. Accidents happen. If you or your children are not adequate swimmers, stay in the shallow end. Unbelievable the Weed Cannabis Good Buds Stick Together Shirt wife would know if her husband and children could swim there’s something not right with this one death could be called a tragic accident but three is saying something seriously wrong pray to God the truth will come out and that the British government will not accept the Spanish inquiry that took just one week. I remember, years ago when I did a life-saving certificate, one of the first things you were taught was how to approach a person panicking in the water.

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