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Between them, Mary-Kate Tcombo Blinded By The Christmas Lights shirt . and Ashley Olsen have made 27 Met Gala. appearances—not one of them camp. (Mary-Kate came solo in 2012.) If there were a yearbook for the event, the sisters might be named “Best Met Theme Rejectors.” Just as they are making their own way in the industry, so they have never bent their looks to the occasion, which makes them exemplars of personal style.When Mary-Kate and Ashley haven’t chosen to wear black or white, they’ve brought major boho vibes to the red carpet. Many of their most memorable moments, though, have involved vintage.

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In 2017, for example, Mary-Kate layered an openwork gown from the 1910s over black briefs; for wow factor she added a chunky statement-making bib necklace Tcombo Blinded By The Christmas Lights shirt . When the Olsens wear vintage, it feels relevant because their approach isn’t precious or overly reverent. Their choice of edgy black leather to walk the “Camp” pink carpet solidified their reputation as individualists; their playbook is their own, and it’s a winning one.And the wildest accessory of the Met Gala goes to. . . Jared Leto! Tonight, the risk-taking actor, who wore a design by Alessandro Michele for Gucci, took the camp theme to the next level by carrying a more unexpected accent piece on the evening’s red carpet: his own head. And no, he didn’t lose his head over this double-take-inducing fashion choice—he was in fact nodding to a viral fashion moment Gucci ignited last year. (Because, with camp, there’s always a specific reference in mind.)The head-as-a-handbag look is, surprisingly, not a first for Gucci: It was first seen on the Italian label’s Fall 2018 runway, where model Unia Pakhomova opened the show carrying a carbon copy of her platinum-blonde capo, tucked under her arm like a discreet clutch. For his part, though, Leto styled his piece with a high-neck red gown (another daring choice), complete with a crystal harness. It was a beautiful look indeed, but the head was hard to look away from; after all, it even had his flowing locks and trimmed beard down pat!For last year’s “Heavenly Bodies” Met Gala, Leto also wore head-to-toe Gucci. He walked the red carpet alongside Michele and singer Lana Del Rey (talk about peak Gucci gang) and his outfit included a gold crown, a pink pussybow blouse, and a brocade stole. But his commitment to Michele’s wacky vision this year? Leto definitely got a head start on the competition, which included a bevy of other daring men in attendance (Harry Styles’s nipplegate moment, for one.)
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