St. Patrick’s Day Irish American Flag Shirt

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I use to like this guy because I felt he had his head on straight. The constitution does in fact give the president the St. Patrick’s Day Irish American Flag Shirt to take immediate action without notification of the congress. Remember when Barack Hussein sent the seal team in to take out bin laden. The same legal provision was used. You’re either with us or against us in the fight against terrorism. If you’re with us great shut up and move aside so we can get the job done.

St. Patrick’s Day Irish American Flag Shirt

Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies

I understand Matt Gaetz might be trying to stand firmly by the constitution of the US but in this time when the Dems don’t care about the St. Patrick’s Day Irish American Flag Shirt, all they care about is undermining President Trump, he shouldn’t have voted with the Dems. He should’ve voted firmly along party lines no matter what the case may be Traitor to our nation. He just put our servicemen and citizens at risk. He might as well change to Democrat. He is one. No true conservative, as he claims to be, would vote to weaken our constitution.

You’ll find shrimp that’s for a president that’s in the right mind. Our service people deserve better than that they know they go in to protect this country but they also know that the Commander in Chief does not instigate some wise War. They expect the commander and chief to protect their back. He knows the vote won’t matter. I think he’s trying to say he’s independent. I don’t believe he’s gone. Much ado about nothing. I too was concern about the move to kill the  and if it was the wrong call. I don’t blindly follow anybody. After researching it more, I also conclude, for good or for ill, that Trump made the right call.

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