Pug Tattoos I Love MOM Sitting Funny Gift Mother’s Day Shirt

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 I have a better idea CUJ, why don’t we just give your kid a special orange jumpsuit and an appointment to a federal courthouse for his money laundering, and we should give you an anal exam to determine whether you and he used your position as Vice President to gain him money, job, and influence in U.S. policy.  I don’t think the Pug Tattoos I Love MOM Sitting Funny Gift Mother’s Day Shirt is far off…Jesus said wars and rumors of wars but the end is not yet. But I do believe the rapture is soon. God is setting the stage for his return but the true church leaves first…be ready people…Jesus is coming soon morning or nite or noon Many will meet their doom, trumpets will sound. All of the dead shall rise, righteous meet in the sky going where no one dies, heavenward bound.  He truly doesn’t care about the citizens. Trusted Traveler can’t be verified through Homeland Security since they permitted illegals to obtain a license. They can’t verify who these people are.

Pug Tattoos I Love MOM Sitting Funny Gift Mother’s Day Shirts

Long Sleeved
Long Sleeved
Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies

Why are all these politicians catering to illegal aliens? I will never understand. Crime is rampant in New York and California due to no bail “reform”.  When you harbor criminals and give them documents that are supposed to be for citizens, then there are consequences. Those who voted to make this cities sanctuary city should be jailed for harboring criminals.  From what I read from New York residents that post on comments they don’t want this they feel like their vote doesn’t even matter unless it’s small stuff. Just stating what the Pug Tattoos I Love MOM Sitting Funny Gift Mother’s Day Shirt people from NY had said on another post. the dumbest people come from new york city they talked bad about him and don’t like he’s the governor but when its time to vote that clown out he gets re-elected smh that’s why the state of new york is a disgrace.


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