Pig you is tired you is broke you is adulting shirt

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Then that is a sad excuse of a publication…signing on board with the evil nature of this impeachment program that is being driven by a lying democrat party and their pitiful media hacks. Disgraceful that the Pig you is tired you is broke you is adulting shirt Christianity would be used in this way. They do not speak for most conservative Christians. If they depended on this group for their circulation they would go bankrupt.

Pig you is tired you is broke you is adulting shirt

Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies

And Pelosi prays for President Trump every morning. And every time a bell rings an angel gets wings. It no longer matters who believes what. Until the Pig you is tired you is broke you is adulting shirt election, there be ceaseless mudslinging, chest-thumping, and rhetoric. It’s going to be a very long year. Just calling yourself a Christian magazine doesn’t make you automatically Christian with true Christian beliefs. Breaking the first rule of being another man’s judge. You don’t know what’s in his heart only God does.

His policies have changed lives. He is against abortion! He fights for our religious rights!! He fights for the American people. Do I like everything he says or does! No, but I don’t know how he gets through a day with all the comments that are made about him. Would you fight back? Sometimes we are quick to judge and forget he is human I will pray for him because I believe he is a good man, but he is a man on a mission and he has to be strong and play the part. If this is about John Dingell go read the tweets he said about him and his staff.

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