Natürlich Habe Ich Recht Ich Bin Deutsch Shirt

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You can literally make that exact same argument about the US military which has raped tortured and killed millions of people in the middle east.. and the fact that the current government was not elected by the majority of Americans.. so you think that gives another country the Natürlich Habe Ich Recht Ich Bin Deutsch Shirt to step in and overthrow Trump because they feel they know better and the people of the country have not done it yet. Seriously you make no sense. No democracy is perfect no country is perfect America is not God nor the world police leave the region secure your borders and live in Peace.

Natürlich Habe Ich Recht Ich Bin Deutsch Shirts

Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Long Sleeved
Long Sleeved

They must be made. Put yourself in a command situation of a Mass Casualty Incident and decide who lives and/or dies. I don’t wish the death of anyone. I will choose to save savable. To take it further; I will destroy evil and those that support said evil over those promoting peace. Let me get this straight, the Natürlich Habe Ich Recht Ich Bin Deutsch Shirt ambassador is telling us to get out of Iraq! Tell him to get his butt back in Iran and shut the hell up on matters that don’t concern Iran!

Those left behind will suffer greatly. Repent and follow Jesus for time is almost up. God’s word has never been wrong. Prophecy being fulfilled every day. The for being helpful to the Iraqis is passed. They want our personnel out? We get our investment back in money or oil. If not say bye-bye to your oil revenue, someone who gives a crap about what you think. If you can find a phone booth.

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