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If has justice of regime not separate these country and then if has equality not problem in these country but these government always attacked native and public in these countries and then they press with weapon if so bad activities in this country And since he’s doing this now with all his big bucks, what would he impose on the Learn inspire grow build innovate create lead discover shirt as president? I said all along he is not in this to win but to BUY people and upset senate and house elections to make things more “blue”. He is a snake!

Learn inspire grow build innovate create lead discover shirts

Long Sleeved
Long Sleeved
Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies

Or how about the fact that he was elected Mayor as a Republican 2 times and Independent/Republican once. Only switched to Democratic party to run against Trump. This guy is a joke I hate to say it but the corrupt Dems have it all under control. Republicans have been asleep at the wheel. The Dems own the Learn inspire grow build innovate create lead discover shirt and press and most of the schools. They don’t own the police and that is why we have BLM.

This clown has even funded money into the wreck demand party in my state, funneling money to the crooked governor that’s trying to become the next dictator. The hypocrisy and corruption running amuck with this crook is a joke. Ever stop and actually listen to what any of the Democrat candidates are feeding. All they have is back walking on previous statements and scary policies. Where’s the beef. Or to save the world. A world was full of wicked oil barons who refuse to evolve. Fighting Fire with Fire. Giant piles of money vs giant piles of money.


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