Dinosaur T-Rex and Mickey mouse wrong park shirt

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This is animal abuse this poor creature should not be transported in the back of a pickup truck it belongs in its natural habitat! I’m so sick and tired of people taking exotic animals from the Dinosaur T-Rex and Mickey mouse wrong park shirt and trying to make it seem like a cool thing to have one of these magnificent animals as a pet!!! We need stronger laws to protect them!

Dinosaur T-Rex and Mickey mouse wrong park shirts

Long Sleeved
Long Sleeved
Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies

Obviously, they’re alive. There’s a documentary on Netflix called Jurassic Park (based off of the field journal of the same name) that shows how they brought the dinosaurs back to life. You should watch it, it’s really amazing. Oh please give me a break could you possibly be that Dinosaur T-Rex and Mickey mouse wrong park shirt. It’s a machine you dumbbell wake up and smell the coffee. I don’t know how people like you deal with life.

Sarcasm sure escapes some people. And the hilarious irony is the people calling you stupid and saying all kinds of stuff about how dumb you are cause u think the dino is real. People are stupid enough to actually believe other people are dumb enough to believe this a real and they’re giving advice about reality and I’ve just totally lost faith in everyone’s intellect, including my own for still being here.


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