Cat Unicorn Leprechaun Riding Caticorn St Patricks Day Rainbow Shirt

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I’d like to smoke what y’all are cuz everyone wants to blame one party or the other. Both are just as corrupt as the other. However, y’all want to spin it I got the other that will unspin it. Let’s just love Disgrace, make the mayor take the Cat Unicorn Leprechaun Riding Caticorn St Patricks Day Rainbow Shirt without armed bodyguards. He’s going to rob the wrong person one day and find himself dead of either a gunshot or knife stabbing or someone’s going to beat him with a baseball bat so keep holding people up if that’s what you want because your luck’s going to run out one day soon.

Cat Unicorn Leprechaun Riding Caticorn St Patricks Day Rainbow Shirts

Long Sleeved
Long Sleeved
Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies

You’re saying he was arrested 139 times since the Cat Unicorn Leprechaun Riding Caticorn St Patricks Day Rainbow Shirt bail reform that happened 6 weeks ago? Lmao this is good seems like republicans are doing this deliberately to make democrats look bad so they are helping to release criminals back into the streets. This is purely the most pathetic part republicans are doing. My God you know you guys are calling us evil but I can see through this ruse. Your deceit is very and highly ungodly. Thank you so much for proving how deceitful these republicans are. Seems like trump supporters aren’t all that smart.

Another Willie Horton type media coverage to scare the folks that the dems will be realizing a bunch of dangerous black folks on the street. I remember one time about 1.5 years ago, I was putting beach waves in my 6 yr old niece’s hair and I accidentally got a little too close and burnt the top of her head. I felt guilty for weeks for accidentally hurting that baby girl. So when I read about the horrible things people purposely do to kids, I just get sick to my stomach. The amount of evil residing in people is overwhelming and disturbing, to say the least. RIP dear boy.


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