Baby Yoda Relax Homie It’s Just An Extra Chromie Shirt

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An individual walked into a church killed 9 people and was driven to burger king. This individual injured 2 cops and 100 cops show up to the courtroom. Is everyone blind to the stack difference between how cops treat the Baby Yoda Relax Homie It’s Just An Extra Chromie Shirt races or am I just stupid get your facts straight he wasn’t driven to a burger king he stopped there before going home.. Were they caught him.. you are inventing your own story to spread even further hate?

Baby Yoda Relax Homie It’s Just An Extra Chromie Shirts

Long Sleeved
Long Sleeved
Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies

Don’t misinform people, the Baby Yoda Relax Homie It’s Just An Extra Chromie Shirt fed him burger king after he had murdered 9 black people. Do your research then come back to apologize for your ignorance He doesn’t deserve a court trial or anything but what the poor officers received at his hands in my opinion. I am glad it was packed with officers! Why should his face be injured tho? You have to be diligent and fair. Have the jury of his peers’ judge. Not others. So much violence and shootings by police on black men. When one fire back this is the result. Stop being oppositional. Find the higher ground.

The murder or attempted murder of any peace officer should be a Federal crime with life with no hope of parole in a high-security federal facility. If they will kill a cop, they will kill anyone. Please don’t hate it. The universe takes the and gives it away to something with hate in a sentence. This word gets into humans then a condition spreads illness. He should have received the death penalty at the precinct. New York is ridiculous!


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