Baby Yoda Hug Beer Shirt

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All this talk of whether or not Iran meant to hit the Baby Yoda Hug Beer Shirt? Excuse me. They shot 12 missiles at our guys. Stop trying to minimize the act. President Trump should take out their ability to fire missiles at least. This isn’t a schoolyard fight if these guys get the opportunity to do harm to the U.S. or our House of Judah brothers and sisters, they will do it. people need to calm down and check their emotions in order to think in a more rational manner. It’s hard to do so but needed in order to think more objectively and rationally.

Baby Yoda Hug Beer Shirt

Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Long Sleeved
Long Sleeved

They want a list of all witnesses called so they know who will be committing suicide before the impeachment hearings. Iran informed America of the attack hours before! No American was killed or injured! I don’t think Trump will strike back! It’s a Hollywood scene. I got a feeling Trump won’t do a single thing about it. He’s had his moment in the sun, and this now gives the Iranians the Baby Yoda Hug Beer Shirt to save face in front of their people. All bluff and bluster.

Every time the radical democratic house members make a claim against the president or the republicans you can be assured that is exactly what they are doing, they act like trolls on social media but unless the stops reporting their propaganda it will continue. So why is Nancy Pelosi not forwarding the impeachment? Democrats are full of crap and no matter what the president does they will find fault.

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